April 25, 2017

Low water pressure

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Surprisingly, low water pressure is a problem that faces many people here in London and can be a huge nuisance if you’re dealing with on a permanent basis.

Fear not, though, Flush is here to the rescue! Saving lives and making dreams come true! There are many solutions to low water pressure and we can work out what system will work best for your current installation.

Incoming booster pumps are a new development which boost the water pressure coming into the house, they can help provide you with a consistent and rewarding water flow and can be installed to help improve the performance of a Combi boiler.

Negative head pumps can be used in flats, which have a traditional hot water system; we fit a lot of these in London and they provide an easy solution to low water pressure in particularly in the shower.

Positive head pumps provide a similar solution and can be installed on one or multiple appliances and are usually installed in houses across London.

Booster pumps are very common in North, East, West and South London but it is very important you install the correct system to improve your low water pressure. We can provide you with a free water pressure survey and recommend pump will improve the pressure and flow most efficiently. We recommend using Salamander or Stuart Turner shower pumps, they are both very well made and easy to install, you can find more information on

We recommend using Salamander or Stuart Turner shower pumps, they are both very well made and easy to install, you can find more information on their pumps from the websites.

Salamander booster Pumps

Stuart Turner booster Pumps

If you’re based in SW London / Twickenham area and require help with your boiler or heating system, give us a call

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Isleworth: TW7
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Richmond: TW9
Hampton: TW12
Hampton Hill: TW12
Petersham: TW10
Ham: TW10
Sheen: SW14
Mortlake: SW14
Teddington: TW11
Barnes: SW13
Putney: SW15
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Chiswick: W4
Kew: TW9
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