It was last winter in London where Flush Plumbing and Heating benefitted the most. This was down to a huge increase in boiler repair and boiler replacement, there was also a lot of frozen pipes which required repairing. It was at this very same time I was very conscious of all the unfortunate people in London which are sleeping rough of the streets. I found it heartbreaking, worrying and upsetting knowing these people are suffering the most at a point where the business is benefitting.

I decided then to donate a percentage of boiler repair and installation work to a London based homeless charity.

The charity offers temporary accommodation solutions in times of harsh weather and also look at long-term solutions which helps rehabilitate people and also provide therapy to those who are mentally suffering. Read more here.

James Edward Lettings

Since then, Flush plumbing has teamed up with James Edwards Lettings.

James Edward Lettings was set up with a view of getting away from the stereotypical estate agent preconception to offer genuine value for money to their customers without the often overinflated associated costs and methods of many others. We feel very privileged to be able to offer homes to people who have the luxury of affording them, and hope that by donating some of our profits to those who are less fortunate, we’re able to provide some shelter and comfort at times of need.

Together our aim is to help the homeless in our own unique way. We feel our businesses benefit from the luxuries which can easily be taken for granted and therefore would like to offer a little back to help those suffering the most.

Our donations will be made annually and all those clients which have helped us raise funds will be thanked and updated when the donation is made.