June 11, 2021

How to choose the right Gas Safe company for your boiler

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Having difficulties finding a trusted reputable company to install your boiler? 

We understand it can be difficult finding a company you can trust to carry out gas work in your home so we thought we would write a quick guide to help you make the right decision. 

It’s recommended you get multiple quotes so you can ensure you’re getting a fair deal. Here are some important tips to help you select the right company. 

Are they Gas Safe registered?

ALWAYS check the boiler company you select is Gas safe registered. Any engineer working on natural gas in your home should have been through a training program to understand the correct and safe working procedures when working with gas. When the engineer has qualified they can then register for Gas Safe membership, it’s essential in the industry so don’t be afraid to ask for their details. You can then cross reference it on the gas safe register here to make sure they’re legitimate. You would be surprised how many people are operating illegally in the UK. Our registration number is 546560. 


Good Reviews!!!

It’s important to check reviews online. If a trader or business doesn’t have an online presence you should be very careful. It’s incredibly easy to gain good reviews online so you should be able to do a quick Google search. There’s lots of paid and free platforms where tradesmen can have their work rated so you should do as much research here as possible. The most reliable are WhichTrustedTraders, Trust Pilot, Trustatrader and CheckATrade. You should also be able to get a good impression from multiple Google or Facebook reviews.  We would highly recommend not using a company with no online presence. 

Online presence

Have they got a good website? Although this is not essential it’s a good indicator to how established the business is whom you’re employing.  A good trade person or company will have invested in their own website and it will give you a good insight into how the company operates.

Compare apples with apples

Be sure you know what you’re paying for. Boilers vary so much in price so be sure to do a comparison online. Check the model of that particular boiler, is it the same as what another company has quoted for? Key things to look for on a combi boiler are Output (KW). The larger the output the better the hot water delivery. We generally don’t install Combi boilers less than 29KW as the hot water delivery rate can be disappointing in winter months. So compare your quote equally as a smaller boiler will cost a lot less. Make sure the company or individual has itemised the products they propose to install, this is standard in the industry. 

Make sure you know exactly how your boiler will be controlled. Will you have smart controls or a basic programmable room thermostat? Again ensure you have a link to the product so you don’t get ripped off, these vary so much in price.  Your controls should be upgraded to comply with new Boiler Plus regulations. Read more here:


Power or chemical flush?

Your system MUST be cleaned. This is essential to ensure the boiler manufacturer warranty remains in place. You should either be recommended a power flush or a chemical flush. They both do the same job but a power flush should be carried out if you’re having problems with your radiators. If they’re not heating up correctly, if they have cold spots then a power flush is recommended. This involves connecting a high-pressured pump to the heating system, flushing chemicals through the system to remove the dirt. It’s done before the new boiler is installed. A chemical flush also runs chemicals through the system but is done so with the new boiler in place. A chemical flush is acceptable when all radiators are working correctly. 


Make sure you’re aware how the paperwork will be completed. It’s a legal requirement for the engineer to register the boiler installation. This can be called an installation certificate or a building regs notice. Be sure you know this will be done and how you will receive the paperwork. We complete our paperwork digitally and it’s emailed to the client directly before we request final payment. We also register the guarantee on the customer’s behalf, which is also emailed over before final payment is requested. 


You can check if the company has a correct complaint procedure in place. Sometimes if a fault occurs you want a piece of mind that it will be dealt with professionally. You would be amazed at how many traders don’t accept responsibility when there’s a fault. We respond to faults, which may have been caused by workmanship immediately. Although it’s unlikely to happen when it does we put it to the front of the queue. 

Where we cannot resolve any complaints using our own complaints procedure, as a Which? Trusted trader we use Dispute Resolution Ombudsman for dispute resolution. In the unlikely event of a complaint arising and you wish to refer the complaint to them please contact 0117 981 2929 or via their website www.disputeresolutionombudsman.org


You’re in your right to ask about the company’s insurance policy. Is it up to date, it’s a legal requirement to have public liability insurance as a tradesperson so you can always request to see it if you’re unsure about the company. You can see ours here. 

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