May 21, 2017

Dripping taps

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Fed up of hearing that consistent dripping sound coming from one of the many outlets across the house?! Do you have a constantly dripping tap?

Unfortunately, plumbing fixtures and fittings often need regular maintenance as they are continually subject to high pressures and wet conditions and are therefore prone to failing. Also here in London, we are vulnerable to limescale, which contributes to the leaking taps. Limescale is a chalky white deposit, often found on the inner surface of old pipes and taps and is problematic and unsightly.

Although a dripping tap is easily fixed, it’s identifying the part required to fix it, which can be a little tricky. Traditional bath, basin and kitchen taps use tap washers to isolate the faucet. Be sure to isolate the water supply should you wish to tackle this mammoth task yourself. You can pick up tap washers in any hardware shop (B&QScrewfixWickes). They come in a selection of sizes, so be sure to buy a pack of varying sizes ensuring you have the correct one for the job.

Modern mixer taps differ between manufacturers and identifying the make and model can often take longer than the job itself. If you’re having problems identifying the tap I recommend using Shower Doc. Simply upload a picture and description and they will help identify the tap and supply the correct part to fix it.  Failing that, call us on 020 3837 4960 and we’ll happily resolve any leaking pipes, dripping taps or any plumbing and heating problem you have here in London.

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