March 6, 2024

Why does my toilet keep running??

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Is your toilet constantly running? A common plumbing issue that can be caused by several factors. Here are some possible reasons why your toilet might be running:

  • Inadequate sealing of the flush valve can result in water leakage from the tank to the bowl, causing the toilet to continuously run.
  • A malfunctioning fill valve can cause continuous water flow into the tank after flushing, resulting in a running toilet.
  • If the water level in the tank is set too high, it can overflow into the overflow tube, leading to a running toilet.
  • The accumulation of limescale and debris in the tank over time can hinder the proper functioning of different components, such as the flush valve and other moving parts. This issue is particularly common in areas with hard water.

To troubleshoot and fix the issue, you can try the following:

Inspect the Fill Valve: Ensure that the fill valve is functioning correctly and not causing an excess flow of water into the tank.
Clean the Tank: If there is limescale buildup, consider cleaning the inside of the tank to remove any debris.
If the issue persists or you are unsure about how to fix it, it may be advisable to seek the assistance of a plumber to diagnose and address the problem.

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