March 1, 2017

When Flush was born

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Flush Company History

As soon as I completed my five-year apprenticeship, I had a burning desire to set up my own business, so Flush Plumbing first hit the road in 2008. I was very keen to use the acronym F.P.H. (Flush Plumbing & Heating) as it had been used since 1964 by my father Paul, and uncle Stephen, for their company Flockton Plant Hire.

So, all I had to do was find an attractive, prominent brand name beginning with the letter F…. after lots of head scratching and brainstorming we came up with the word ‘Flush’ (Thanks, our Chris!), which I still find amusing to this day. On top of that, I‘ve since been nicknamed Flush-man, which I like to believe is a superhero plumber who saves lives and makes dreams come true.

Over nine years Flush Plumbing and Heating has relocated from the glorious green fields of Yorkshire to service the buzzing capital city of London. Currently located in Archway, North London, we find ourselves providing servicing, maintenance, repair, and installation work all over the city.

In that time we’ve been through various face-lifts and re-branding exercises, but I still have the very first and very basic business card from our very first day. Nowadays we’ve just updated to a new and super cool, artistic and modern look which includes the famous London skyline we now know as home.

If you’re based in SW London / Twickenham area and require help with your boiler or heating system, give us a call

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Twickenham: TW1
East Twickenham: TW2
Isleworth: TW7
St Margarets: TW1
Richmond: TW9
Hampton: TW12
Hampton Hill: TW12
Petersham: TW10
Ham: TW10
Sheen: SW14
Mortlake: SW14
Teddington: TW11
Barnes: SW13
Putney: SW15
Kingston: KT1
Surbiton: KT6
Norbiton: KT2
Strawberry Hill: TW1
Chiswick: W4
Kew: TW9
Ealing: W5
Wimbledon: SW19
Wandsworth: SW18
Acton: W3
Esher: KT10